Tony-Guy Parker

I’ve been helping people heal & overcome their challenges, difficulties, blocks, & issues for over 30+ years!

Ever since I started practicing EFT (Emotional Freedon Techniques) in 1997, both my clients and myself have been literally astounded by the amazing results brought about through the use of EFT!

In my years of helping and healing I have yet to encounter any other healing modality that is as fast, safe, effective, simple, and as permanent as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Thank You Gary Craig!

One of the truely amazing aspects about EFT for both practitioner and client, is that EFT can be just as effectively practiced “remotely” over the telephone or via Skype (video) as when practiced in the traditional “face to face” environement of the practitioner’s office.

Many EFT practitioners host “Tele-Conference” EFT groups with clients remotely spanning the entire planet.

In this age of InterNet telephone products like Skype, Magic Jack, etc., expensive long-distance charges are no longer a limiting factor.

The convenience of saving both time and travel expenses commuting to and from the practitioner’s office is a boon to both client and practitioner alike.

Today, over 50% of my practice is conducted over the phone, or via Skype (video) and frankly, with EFT, my clients benefit every bit as much as they did with traditional “face to face” sessions.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a Free “complimentary” EFT session and you will see how effective & convenient EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be over the phone!

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

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