Monday, November 4, 2013

Free EFT Tele-Workshop for Healing Lyme Disease Symptoms Mon. 10pm EST

Come join our NEW FREE Monday Night EFT Tele-Workshop Healing Circle for Lyme Sufferers!

Tele-Workshop at 10:00pm EDT (US Eastern Daylight Time)!
The Tele-Workshop number: +1(712)432-8808
The Tele-Workshop Conference Number PIN: 6344394#

For the next few weeks we'll be dedicating our Monday night Tele-Workshop Healing Circle to using EFT to help moderate, mitigate, manage, and heal Lyme disease symptoms.

All Lyme Disease Sufferers/Survivors are invited!

Please "Share" and Pass this info to Any/All Lyme Disease Survivors/Sufferers you know!

Come join our FREE EFT & LoA Healing Circle Tele-Workshop @ 10:00pm EDT which has been meeting every Mon. night for over a year and just gets better & better every week!

You guys are so totally AWESOME! We're all really getting into some deep, meaningful, healing & emotional & spiritual growth together.

I feel so blessed and proud to be working such brave and courageous seekers.

I'm so impressed with the progress that We're all making! This week's Healing Circle is really gonna rock!

See you all there Monday night @ 10:00pm EST! I love you guys!

Feel free to call me @ 845-706-2183 if you have any questions.

Please click the link below for ALL the details.

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