Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thurs Nite EFT Healing Circle & Recovery Workshop @ Family of Woodstock

Feel free to join us at our Thursday EFT Healing Circle & Recovery Workshop @ Family of Woodstock Inc, 7:30pm EDT every Thursday night @ FOW, 16 Rock City Road, Woodstock, NY. 

Bring your physical, emotional, & spiritual challenges and issues, and have them quickly, effectively resolved and healed in a safe supportive environment with Emotional Freedom Techniques .

Our group is 12 Step friendly, but NOT AA. EFT is a very safe, yet very deep, very powerful and dynamic spiritual healing tool that enhances 12 Step recovery.

There is a suggested donation of $5.00 which goes directly to FOW. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. 

Join us and Resolve, Heal, & Overcome ALL your Issues, Challenges, & Obstacles with EFT (Emotional Healing Techniques) & The Law of Attraction!

Bring your ALL Issues, Challenges, & Obstacles , Aches, & Pains to this Healing Circle and Recovery Workshop, and have them quickly and painlessly resolved and healed with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) & The Law Of Attraction.

Bring your physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, challenges, problems, aches, & pains to our weekly healing circle, and have them quickly and painlessly resolved and healed with Energy Healing techniques like EFT, TFT,TAT, CER, REMAP, ZPOINT, & BSFF, Reiki, & IET (Integrated Energy Techniques) which are based on 5,000 year old meridian based healing modalities like Acupuncture, Acupressure, & Shiatsu.

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The Circle will be hosted/facilitated by Tony Parker, EFT Practitioner since 1997.

Tony Parker has been practicing a multitude of Meridian Based Healing Techniques like EFT, TFT,TAT, CER, REMAP, ZPOINT, BSFF, since 1997, helping an ever widening circle of friends and clients with the following issues: Stress, Job Related Stress, Addictions (Drugs & Alcohol), Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, ACOA (Family of Origin) Issues, Grief & Loss Issues, Co-Dependency Issues, Men's Issues (ED/PE), Painful War Memories (PTSD). Emotional & Physical Trauma, Pain Management, Chronic Pain, Relationship Issues, Women's Issues (Menopause, PMS, Post Partum Depression) Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Shyness, Depression, Phobias, Exam Anxiety, Financial Fear, Abundance, Prosperity Issues, LoA (Law of Attraction), Creativity Issues (The Artist's Way) Business & Sports Performance Enhancement, General Counseling and Life Coaching.

Tony Parker is available for Private, Group, Seminar, Workshop, Webinar, & Telephone counseling.

Please feel free to check out our EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) websites.

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